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store B vintage has been open since 2001 in Wicker Park. Here are some of our most recent editorials. If you would like to do a story about store B vintage, please contact us via this site. Thank you!

When Wicker Park does vintage, the neighborhood doesn't hold back. Store B Vintage, one of the stores lining Milwaukee Avenue, is no exception: If you're in the market for pieces that look truly retro, you'll have a hard time leaving this store empty handed. Bold colors and kitschy prints are the norm at Store B, where you'll find everything from clothing to home goods from the 30's through 70's.


The prices at this store aren't low, but customers should see the goods for what they are: Rare, high-quality pieces that hold up over time. If you cant get to Wicker Park (or don't live in Chicago) you still have the option to browse through some of the store's merchandise. They sell goods on their Ebay site as well.

Unlike some stores in the area, Store B does not accept consignment pieces (though the store does sell pieces that have been consigned.) This is a place for vintage lovers to browse and buy pieces.

If one was ever confused about the difference between vintage and thrift, the amazing finds at Store B will be sure to the clear up that confusion. Antique kitchenware, original designer pieces ranging from the 40’s to the 80’s and a load of glitzy accessories are what you will find here. But don’t expect your normal vintage store prices; these items are well worth the expense. Owner David Ginople keeps his strategy to obtaining the eagerly pursued pieces in his vintage boutique a tight secret, a great tactic since these finds are like no other.


The affordably luxurious vintage attire at store B in Wicker Park is among some of the finest quality garments in Chicago. "It's all about condition, condition, condition," says owner David Ginople.

store B primarily focuses on mid-20th century apparel (from the '40s, '50s and '60s), but has also started carrying more contemporary pieces from the '80s and '90s.

Whether you're looking for a vintage cashmere sweater, a quilted circle skirt, a beautiful beaded top, vintage lingerie or a pencil-skirt suit from the '40s, you will be satisfied in your search. Plus, all of this fine-quality wearable clothing is strictly original (no reproductions).

This vintage boutique also carries an eclectic collection of vintage hats and handbags (including alligator, patent leather & vinyl). Make sure to check out store B's jewelry, shoes and household accessories such as glassware, ice buckets, floral-print linens, barware and more!



It seems almost demeaning to label Store B as a thrift store; perusing its selection is like taking a course in fashion history. If you’re looking for a $5 Velvet Underground shirt, keep looking. Velvet, fur, Chanel, Ralph Lauren — Store B is an index of high fashion (both men’s and women’s), vintage and designer. Old-school dresses, coats, shoes and accessories abound, and their selection of elegant hats is unparalleled. Expect to spend at least $50 on a major item, though you’ll be getting a bargain compared to the original cost of most of their inventory. One shopper told me that she keeps coming back, usually for specific wardrobe pieces, because “they have very specific eras. It’s authentic vintage, rather than just old clothing.” Indeed, some racks are organized loosely by decade, and all items have labels approximating their year of production. Beyond clothing, Store B has unique houseware items that make great gifts.


You’re ready to take a walk down the streets of Wicker Park and Bucktown. As befits an enclave of natty dressers, the two neighborhoods boast many clothing shops and multi-brand stores—especially shops selling second-hand clothing. Similar to other hipsters around the world, Chicago’s stylish set can’t resist vintage fashion.
Among Wicker Park’s local shops, Store B Vintage is the crème de la crème for vintage fashion. From formal wear (that might have been worn not by my parents’ generation but by my grandmother’s) to bold and experimental clothing with eye-catching colors and designs, the store stocks a large selection of choices.
Owner David Ginople mentioned the following on Chicago’s latest fashion trends: “Nowadays there are more male customers buying women’s clothing and women buying men’s clothing.” He also mentioned Lady Gaga’s visit to the store a few years ago: “Lady Gaga bought all kinds of clothing: bags, purses, and accessories—so many actually, I had to replenish my stock fast!” he added with a laugh.

Wicker Park's Store B tops the A list for women who love the Jackie O look. Fabulous vintage cashmere sweaters, pencil skirts, peplum suits, beaded blouses, alligator handbags, Eisenberg rhinestone jewelry, winter coats with fur collars and naughty lacy lingerie await shoppers here.

Owner David Ginople says buying vintage has gotten popular because shoppers can create their own unique style for good value. "Classic vintage apparel is as close to one-of-a-kind as decades and geography permit, so the chances of seeing yourself coming and going are virtually nonexistent," David says.

While the prices are a bit higher at this small Wicker Park shop, items (from housewares to clothing to accessories) are in good condition, and you should find something you absolutely cannot live without. It’s also a great spot if you’re looking for a quality, one-of-a kind gift — after all, the holidays will be here before you know it.

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